To install the Wisext tools you have 3 options:

Windows installer

You download a .exe file installing the plugin. It works only for windows.

You get it here.


Installing a .rbz file

SketchUp installs the plugin if it is zipped in a .rbz file. You can get it here.

From SketchUp 2017, open the Extension Manager and click "Install".

In SketchUp 2016 and before, open the Preferences window and select "Extensions" into the list. Click on "Install Extension..."


SketchUp Extension Warehouse

The Wisext tools are now available on the official SketchUp Extension Warehouse:

You don't need to install each tool. You install one and you can activate the others by selecting in the menu:

Extensions > Wisext > Activate extra tools

We advise updating the plugin to get the most recent version of all the tools: 

Extensions > Wisext > About update