Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Wisext tools be available without charge ?

The beta versions of Wisext tools are totaly freely distributed. Release versions of the tools are not expected before end 2017. And some basic tools will always stay free.

Have Wisext tools been designed for Mac ?

The tools work on Mac too. But you must exchange data between Excel and SU via a .csv file (text file).

When I want to install the tools with the Windows installer, I get security warnings: unknown publisher,etc. Why?

The Wisext project is developed by a single person through his free time and he cannot currently start the official procedures to erase these messages. If you are wary, what is normal, you can install the plugin via the official Sketchup Extension Warehouse.

The Wisext extension has got the Extension Digital Signature to be loaded at the highest security mode in SketchUp 2016 & 2017 (see: Extensions Loading Policy).

How to uninstall the Wisext tools?

In the Plugins/Extensions menu you can "Uninstall the Wisext tools": it will delete all the files on the disk.

But sometimes it's impossible to delete the files (e.g. on Sketchup 8 the files are located in a folder with special permissions).

So there is a small tool to uninstall the files (on Windows) : Uninstaller.

Another way to uninstall the Wisext tools is to delete the Wisext files in the Sketchup plugin folder. To know where is the plugin located see : SU doc.