How do I activate the full version of Find And Report?

1. You must first install the Find And Report.

The following toolbar should appear.

2. Press the "FULL" button: a window linked to the website should appear with a request to login to an existing account or to create a new one. Note that users who registered before October 2020 must re-register. All accounts that were created before October have been deleted.

Once logged into the account, you will be directed to a pre-filled form (close and re-launch the window by pressing the "full" button if the form does not appear).

3. Check the box on the reCAPTACHA and click on activate.

The next page should tell you that the tools are activated.

Close the window and restart SketchUp: the SU2XL tools should be activated.


If not activated, try the procedure again.

In case of a problem, you can contact Wisext and explain exactly what the problem is. We will help you find a solution.